Power System Acceptance Testing

Power System Acceptance Testing

At new or remodeled facilities, it’s absolutely critical that when it’s time for “all systems go” things actually go. Electrical systems must work perfectly from the moment power is applied.

That’s why we start well before that time, to test and verify that equipment and components will work exactly as intended when they left the factory. We specialize in acceptance testing to ensure that each individual component of the system was installed correctly, performs correctly, and that all equipment is safe, reliable and meets code requirements.

Commissioning and Start-up


which looks beyond the individual components to make sure everything is well integrated and works together properly and with maximum efficiency at start-up. We document the process with a web-based tracking system and up-to-date status reports and tools so you can verify exactly what we’ve done during all stages of the project, and 

Start-up testing

which ensures everything actually works as expected when power is applied for the first time.